What is your cancellation policy?

Tours cancelled at least 3 days prior to the date scheduled will get a full refund of any deposit payment made. Tour cancelled within 2 days prior to the date of the tour will have 50% of the amount paid refunded.

Tours cancelled at least 3 days prior to the date scheduled of tour will get a full refund on Tour price. Tour cancelled within 2 days prior to the date of the tour will have 50% of the amount paid towards the tour.

  • Entry Ticket price for the following tours cannot be refunded once booked and paid:
  • Early Bird Vatican
  • Borghese museum tour
  • Colosseum Underground & Ancient Rome tour
  • Uffizi museum tour
  • Accademia Tour

Kindly remember that museums DO NOT refund the money that we pay to secure a skip the line ticket for you.  The management’s decision will be sincere and final on the refund being made.

What is your payment policy and how do you accept payment?

Upon booking you have the choice to pay by paypal using an existing paypal account, Visa, or MC. Or if you prefer not going through paypal you can call us with your credit cards details to run through our machine, Visa or MC only.

How will I recognize my tour guide?

Our tour guides will be waiting at our meeting point (found in your confirmation email) holding up a sign that reads Europe Odyssey Tours.

What should I do if I am running late?

Guests should arrive promptly on time to the meeting point. The group will not wait more than 15 minutes for a late guest. If you have problems finding the meeting point or are delayed please call us in the office at +39 328 912 3720 or email us at info@europeodyssey.com. If you are running late for a private tour, please call the office as well so that we can inform the guide.

Are all your tours in English, is it possible to book a tour in another language?

All of our tours are in English but we can accommodate requests for other languages on a private tour basis. In this case please contact us with your request. 

What’s the difference between a ‘group’, ‘semi-private’, and a ‘private’ tour?

Our group tours have a maximum of 15 people while our semi-private tours max out at 8 people. And a private tour would be just for your family. 

Do you buy tickets in advance to guarantee no waiting in line?

We do buy all tickets in advance when possible. At some sites, such as the catacombs, it is not possible to pre-book tickets.

Do we buy the tickets for our tour?

No, we will always purchase the tickets and the guide will have them in hand at the start of your tour. In the case where the tickets are to be purchased on the spot, the guide will take care of the purchase.

Is the ticket price included in the tour cost?

 For all group and semi private tours, the ticket price is included in the cost. For all private tours, the ticket cost per person is extra, and will be added as a separate line item on the final payment. 

How will I know where to meet my guide?

Once your booking is received and confirmed, you will receive an email with the meeting time and location details. For private tours, you can select the option to begin your tour at your hotel and the guide will meet you in the lobby.

Do I really need to print out my confirmation page?

We highly recommend printing it out or making it available to yourself on your phone as the page comes with a map and picture of the meeting point, along with all meeting details. This way you will be easily assisted in getting to your tour. Your confirmation page also has emergency numbers in order to contact us if anything should go wrong. 

What if it rains on the day I’m supposed to tour?

Our tours run rain or shine. In instances of severe weather we will do our best to notify you in advance if any locations close.

Am I supposed to tip my guide?

It is an accepted practice to allow tips for guides at the end of group, semi private, and private tours. Imagine if you were tipping someone like a musician or your hairdresser who has honed their craft over many years and is delivering their own work of art just for you.

How do I get the Rick Steves discount when booking online?

As you go through the booking process, there is an option to apply a “discount code”. Open this drop down and select “Rick Steves discount”. The 10% discount will be applied to the final billing total.

Can I take your tours if I have walking difficulties or require a wheelchair?

Yes, we are able to accommodate you. Please send us a note at info@europeodyssey.com to inform us of your needs and, for most tours, we are able to design the tour accordingly. If you require a rental wheelchair, or an accessible van for transportation, we can arrange this as well. 

Are the group, semi private, and private tours all the same duration?

Yes, all of the tours are designed to run for the same amount of time. However, on a private tour, you are able to customize your tour if you’d like more time to spend at specific sites, or if you would like to go at a slower pace, at a cost per extra hour. 

Vatican FAQs

Do your Vatican tours include St. Peter’s Basilica?

Our Vatican tours do include tours of St. Peter’s Basilica. Please note however, that St. Peter’s is a functioning church and is often used for religious ceremonies. The basilica is therefore closed on occasion without previous warning. In these cases, we do endeavor to warn you in advance and your guide will provide you with a longer tour inside the Vatican Museums. Please note that St. Peter’s Basilica is closed most Wednesday mornings, when the Papal Audience takes place in St. Peter’s Square.

Can I stay in the Vatican Museums after the tour?

It is not permitted to re-enter the Vatican museums once you have made an exit from the sistine chapel towards the Basilica. If you wish to remain back  please advise your guide well in advance so that you can show you the door through which you can return back to the museum. In case you are in a group tour, you might have to visit the St.Peter’s Basilica on your own as the rest of the group would have gone ahead.

Do we get to meet the pope when we visit the Vatican?

One does not get to meet the pope on our tours, but the pope does come in his popemobile every wednesday and every sunday.

On Wednesday at 10:10 am, the pope drives around in his popemobile and addresses his faithful in St.Peter’s Square.  

On Sunday he conducts the Angelus (mid day prayer) on Sunday from the window of the Apostolic Palace.

Why can’t I book a Vatican tour for Wednesday morning?

The pope holds his papal audience every Wednesday morning in St. Peter’s Square. This means St. Peter’s Basilica is closed until at least 1PM. We recommend attending the audience and after lunch you could begin your Vatican tour in order to be able to enter St. Peter’s Basilica once it is open.

What route do you take in the Vatican Museums?

Pavilion of Papal, Gallery of Paintings, Gallery of Maps, carriages, Sistine Chapel & St.Peter’s Basilica.

What is the dress code for the Vatican tour?

Any tour that includes a church visit or the catacombs, men and women are expected to have their shoulders and knees covered. Guests who are not dressed properly may be refused entry.

What is the cost of the tickets?

The skip the line tickets and the early bird vatican tickets cost €27 per adult and €17 per student.

Do you use earphones on your tour?

Yes, once the group size goes beyond 6 people on the tour we provide earphones. 

Is there anything that I cannot bring into the Vatican museum & Sistine Chapel?

The following list is things to be avoided: Swiss knives, tripods, large nail cutters, long umbrellas with pokey ends, extra large bags (they will all be checked into the cloakroom & will involve a 1 km walk to retrieve them).

Can I bring water and snacks into the Vatican?

Yes you can, water is especially recommended. 

Do you organize tours of the Vatican Scavi or Vatican Gardens?

No. Tours of the Vatican Scavi (a.k.a. the Vatican Necropolis) may only be booked directly through the Vatican authority responsible for caring for them. Access is limited to only a few groups a day and tours are in huge demand though, so we recommend booking a few months before your trip where possible. For reservations email scavi@fsp.va. And for the Vatican Gardens you can book directly through the website Vatican.va.

Colosseum & Ancient Rome FAQs

What if I have the Roma Pass, do I still need to pay for tickets?

The Roma Pass is only valid for the Ancient city and NOT the Vatican. If you have a Roma Pass for the Ancient city tour please let us know upon booking and we will refund you the amount of €12 per adult.

Can I bring a bag inside the Colosseum?

You are only allowed to carry a small backpack or handbag inside the Colosseum.